Well now, 


That has been a while since posting… What have I been up to?  Work, kids, life etc etc etc.  So what do we owe the honor of tonight’s post?  Project FancyName is back on track!  The base structure is printing now, so hopefully I’ll get some basic assembly tasks done and some pictures up shortly.

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Still Alive!

Not dead yet!  I feel Happeeeeeee!


FancyName is progressing, and due to family-related stuff I canthaztimetoplay.  I’m road trippin’ for June, so (if it’s still possible) lower your expectations.  I’m fighting with various pump solutions for BrainFreeze, not super happy with the performance of the turbines and not AT ALL happy with the noise from the super-soakers (but sweet googley-moogley they have output!!!11eleventy!!) 


Found some really nice silicon aquarium tubing and a couple of coolmax shirts to canabalise.  Sure, that material gets snags on EVERYTHING but it has some shiny features.


More to post when there is more to post.

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The myth of Centipedal Force

Centipedes are not real.  Jedi centipedes are one hundred times less so.  Really it’s just millipedes all the way down, and you thought it was turtles.  Turtles! Ridiculous!  Chronicles of Ridick-ulous!

So it’s hot.  I dislike summer, but as I enjoy watching my children playing outdoor sports (and the rover is insufficient for driving the van) I require a solution.  Project BrainFreeze is underway.  I’ve rebuilt the pump from a supersoaker ElecroStorm to be smaller, slightly quieter (but higher pitched! Damnit!) and run on about 1/4 the power for fluid circulation, and while I admit I am happy with the performance it’s still not what I am looking for.  It does make a damn fine fluid handler though.  It has an issue with where the fluid in and outlets are, but it’s likely serviceable.

Still, I don’t like it!  The peristaltic pump, while awesome, requires too much torque, so it’s out.  But I have a cunning plan!

I’m redesigning some existing turbine pumps to mount directly to the heat exchange.  Pics to follow.


UPDATE! Now With 1000 times + 2  the number of photos!

Pump printed well, Seems functional.  I even pillaged a CDROM for the motor.

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Sweet Christmas cookies covered in guacamole!

This is… epic.

Every Major's Terrible

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Side tracked by…. THE FUTURE!

Good morning,  and BLEH!


FancyName is sitting untouched on my desk for the last few days, because I’ve been side-tracked building a Reprap Mendel frame.  I’ve had a 3D FDM Makerbot printer for a couple years, and it’s just plain *Insufficient*.  It’s like it was designed without ever even knowing there were such things as engineers.  So Icanhazbetterdamnit.


Also: too much overtime make mike Sleeeeeeepy.



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Wild and Wacky, Weird and Wonderful

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter W and the number phi.


I purchased a bunch of filament from a Canadian supplier (who obviously got it from the Mysterious Orient), and while it was sold as ABS, it isn’t like any ABS I’ve ever seen.  It melts too low, it smells different (less offensive, but makes me wonder what I can’t smell that might be in there), and it’s waaaay less flexible. That being said, it bridges like a dream and my extruder can run at least 10 degrees cooler, so it is in some ways a superior product.

It is however not what I was expecting.  While I cannot PROVE it isn’t ABS without a mass spectrometer, I am REALLY tempted to seek out Mr Mass Spec.  


We shall see.

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What have I been up to?

Forgetting about this blog, that’s what!  I can’t promise to do better (both because nobody reads this and because I’m occasionally realistic).

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Holy Crap! I have a Blog?!?!

So (not that anyone reads this) but apparently I have a blog!  I blame my treacherous little brain for not reminding the rest of me in a timely fashion.


Quick bit of advice:  When you hear yourself thinking that you should just put item X somewhere safe so you can fid it later, get an axe.  It’s a damn dirty lie.

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To Do list

So far, a lot of the design stage has been finalized.  I’ve looked at a lot of different methods and right now I think the closest option to what I want for LED control is probably by combining the TLC5940 from Texas Instruments with an ATMEL micro-controller, probably actually an Arduino.

For testing purposes getting the OS design portion going I’ll try a new build on the ArtiGo from Via that we got in the 2009 Spark your Imagination competition.

The Video camera is likely to be an Intel Pro webcam I’ve had kicking around forever and the display will likely be an LCD monitor/TV.

LEDs are RGB jobbies, common Anode.  Already on order 😀

Now all I need is to cast some tiles so I can find a good transparent/translucence level and get to work on the physical build of the Board and some sample TLC5940s from TI to arrive so I can be sure they’re what I need.   After that? Why the horror of multiplexing!  Actually I’m trying to figure out how to multiplex without losing the PWM or making the refresh stupidly long…

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Blog is up.

So. This will contain the trials and tribulations of my entry for the Spark Your Imagination contest.

I hope it’s helpful to somebody. I know it will be to me.

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