Short attention span and substandard genetics

I don’t have a short- OOH! A KITTY!

So, my face is not perfectly symmetrical.  Seriously, what kind of crap is that?  I have 2 eyes, 1 (somewhat excessive) nose, 1 (smack-talking) mouth, and a pair of (dumbo-esque) ears all arranged approximately symmetrically, but APPROXIMATELY is insufficient!  My ears are not the same height, so anything held up as a pair of glasses is not level.  My eyes are not quite evenly spaced or even level with my ears.  All these things make precisely alignment of the screens for FancyName a right pain in the keester.  Also, small cuts on the inside of your eyelids really freaking hurt.

I will not rage, rage is the project killer

Like all things, the solution is not Science, but can be found BY science!  It’s a method not a religion, and that is all the diatribe I have time for today.  To resolve this issue I am building a fully adjustable frame for the optics.  Sure, it looks like I have scaffolding on my face (or it will once it goes from CAD theory to plastic product) but once it is aligned and eyestrain largely resolved I can acetone weld the plastics, cut off the ugly bits and jam it inot a somewhat more presentable frame.

With a camera on the bridge of my nose and a song in my heart (stupid shrapnel-throwing CD player!  I’ll SHOW YOU!)

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