The myth of Centipedal Force

Centipedes are not real.  Jedi centipedes are one hundred times less so.  Really it’s just millipedes all the way down, and you thought it was turtles.  Turtles! Ridiculous!  Chronicles of Ridick-ulous!

So it’s hot.  I dislike summer, but as I enjoy watching my children playing outdoor sports (and the rover is insufficient for driving the van) I require a solution.  Project BrainFreeze is underway.  I’ve rebuilt the pump from a supersoaker ElecroStorm to be smaller, slightly quieter (but higher pitched! Damnit!) and run on about 1/4 the power for fluid circulation, and while I admit I am happy with the performance it’s still not what I am looking for.  It does make a damn fine fluid handler though.  It has an issue with where the fluid in and outlets are, but it’s likely serviceable.

Still, I don’t like it!  The peristaltic pump, while awesome, requires too much torque, so it’s out.  But I have a cunning plan!

I’m redesigning some existing turbine pumps to mount directly to the heat exchange.  Pics to follow.


UPDATE! Now With 1000 times + 2  the number of photos!

Pump printed well, Seems functional.  I even pillaged a CDROM for the motor.

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