Project FancyName – Thank you Mr. FancyPants

carrier sizing


Here we have the most basic of basic ideas for how to layout the main hardware.

I have a builtNY netbook pack that seems like a decent possibility for carrying this rig around, and it seems quite portable.  Looks to be about a kilo of stuff assuming I can still do basic math (been out of school a while, wasn’t good at it then either…).  Totally possible.

This has brought up an interesting question.  How stealthed do I want this to be?  I already figured I’d be installing a secondary camera on the rig, not just the one on the headset, so I’m left to decide how obvious do I want it to be?

Ethically it should be obvious to people in it’s field of view, we deal with too much surveillance as it is.  From an anthropological standpoint people act really different if they think they’re being filmed.  The caveat here is that I have no intention of recording the video, just processing it.  Is a visual scanner more invasive than a sonar scanner if the data is not recorded?  I don’t know.

I never seem to get away from over-analysing ethics.  Does that make me a moral person?  Don’t know.

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