Project FancyName

I’ve been tooling around with this one for a while.  If you’ve ever met me you know I can lose anything simply by putting it own on an uncluttered surface directly in front of myself.  For other people this is hilarious, for me it is one of the most frustrating things in my life.  And I have 3 children under 5 years old.  I know from frustrating.

So, what am I going to do about it?  I’ve played around with Emgu CV, which is a c# implementation.wrapper of OpenCV.  If I can’t find what’s in front of me, then damnit my computer will.  Since I’m also a packrat when it comes to all things electronic I have just the thing.  Well just the things I can bodge into the thing anyway.

Battery : ArtiGo : Myvu Crystal (connected via random VGA to RCA connector box): random webcam and a Wii nunchuck via Arduino (for blog cred) to control it.

There are a few caveats, naturally, due to the state of my junkyard.

1) the myvu crystal is broken, fortunately just the casing around the eyepiece, but it bears mention.

2) the ArtiGo wasn’t designed to run windows 7, and I’m not entirely sure it’s up to the task of image processing.  Screw it!  What have I ever left running it’s designed function (not counting hardware that belongs to the wife)??

3) the battery comes from a lovely Chinese manufacturer whose name I don’t know, and who’s instructions are entirely in… Cantonese I’m guessing because it doesn’t look like what I think Mandarin does.  But I’m a culturally illiterate white guy, what the hell do I know from Chinese?  Also, I suspect that the mAh rating is pure fiction, or at least mathematically unlikely.

4) when fully assembled the headgear will look ridiculous.  I both understand and accept this.  I’m a tech and a hack, not a designer.  there are people I pay for that sort of thing.

5) I lied.  There is a whole other set of hardware for a wrist-gadget, but that part is for Later.

6) I like cheese.  Not sure if it’s relevant, just throwing it out there.

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