So apparently I’m not using this site.

Given that it’s only been 7 years since I put anything here, it seems likely I don’t have the interest in building a blog.  Hmm.  Good to know.


Well, I occasionally throw Powershell scripts up on so if you’re truly bored, swing by.  Generally I update infrequently when someone in my slack channel asks a question.


Project Fancyname dies a horrible death by apathy once the central air-conditioning became a thing and I became more of a homebody due to kidlets.  Maybe I’ll put Igor (built using Mycroft, a raspberry pi and a handful of other stuff) up here at some point, we’ll see.


These days my printer of choice is a Creality Ender 3 Pro, which is a decent middle-of-the-road unit.

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Well now, 


That has been a while since posting… What have I been up to?  Work, kids, life etc etc etc.  So what do we owe the honor of tonight’s post?  Project FancyName is back on track!  The base structure is printing now, so hopefully I’ll get some basic assembly tasks done and some pictures up shortly.

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Still Alive!

Not dead yet!  I feel Happeeeeeee!


FancyName is progressing, and due to family-related stuff I canthaztimetoplay.  I’m road trippin’ for June, so (if it’s still possible) lower your expectations.  I’m fighting with various pump solutions for BrainFreeze, not super happy with the performance of the turbines and not AT ALL happy with the noise from the super-soakers (but sweet googley-moogley they have output!!!11eleventy!!) 


Found some really nice silicon aquarium tubing and a couple of coolmax shirts to canabalise.  Sure, that material gets snags on EVERYTHING but it has some shiny features.


More to post when there is more to post.

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Short attention span and substandard genetics

I don’t have a short- OOH! A KITTY!

So, my face is not perfectly symmetrical.  Seriously, what kind of crap is that?  I have 2 eyes, 1 (somewhat excessive) nose, 1 (smack-talking) mouth, and a pair of (dumbo-esque) ears all arranged approximately symmetrically, but APPROXIMATELY is insufficient!  My ears are not the same height, so anything held up as a pair of glasses is not level.  My eyes are not quite evenly spaced or even level with my ears.  All these things make precisely alignment of the screens for FancyName a right pain in the keester.  Also, small cuts on the inside of your eyelids really freaking hurt.

I will not rage, rage is the project killer

Like all things, the solution is not Science, but can be found BY science!  It’s a method not a religion, and that is all the diatribe I have time for today.  To resolve this issue I am building a fully adjustable frame for the optics.  Sure, it looks like I have scaffolding on my face (or it will once it goes from CAD theory to plastic product) but once it is aligned and eyestrain largely resolved I can acetone weld the plastics, cut off the ugly bits and jam it inot a somewhat more presentable frame.

With a camera on the bridge of my nose and a song in my heart (stupid shrapnel-throwing CD player!  I’ll SHOW YOU!)

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The myth of Centipedal Force

Centipedes are not real.  Jedi centipedes are one hundred times less so.  Really it’s just millipedes all the way down, and you thought it was turtles.  Turtles! Ridiculous!  Chronicles of Ridick-ulous!

So it’s hot.  I dislike summer, but as I enjoy watching my children playing outdoor sports (and the rover is insufficient for driving the van) I require a solution.  Project BrainFreeze is underway.  I’ve rebuilt the pump from a supersoaker ElecroStorm to be smaller, slightly quieter (but higher pitched! Damnit!) and run on about 1/4 the power for fluid circulation, and while I admit I am happy with the performance it’s still not what I am looking for.  It does make a damn fine fluid handler though.  It has an issue with where the fluid in and outlets are, but it’s likely serviceable.

Still, I don’t like it!  The peristaltic pump, while awesome, requires too much torque, so it’s out.  But I have a cunning plan!

I’m redesigning some existing turbine pumps to mount directly to the heat exchange.  Pics to follow.


UPDATE! Now With 1000 times + 2  the number of photos!

Pump printed well, Seems functional.  I even pillaged a CDROM for the motor.

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Sweet Christmas cookies covered in guacamole!

This is… epic.

Every Major's Terrible

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Inspiration from Perspiration

In the words of Inigo Montoya: Let me explain, no there is too much, let me sum up. The Princess is marrying Humperdink in a leetle less than haf an Hhour…  No wait, that’s not it.

I don’t like hot.

Still, I was outside in a lovely 25 degrees Celsius today which in Fahrenheit is… too freaking hot for a Canadian boy.  This immediately got me thinking: Weather control!  Which immediately led me to maniacal cackling and general super-villain direction, but with Joss’s Magnum Opus (I call it that because I want him to STOP MAKING FREAKING MOVIES AND GO LIVE IN A BOX UNDER THE STAIRS) currently showing the world that Super-heroes are cool I thought I might encounter some plucky youth with delusions of adequacy trying to make a name for himself and that sounds a lot like work.

Long story short, if modifying global weather patterns for my convenience and comfort is off the table, I need to locally change the temperature, because it’s still too freaking hot.  Naturally this leaves me with only one option that doesn’t involve a large swan-shaped ice sculpture head piece: a personal air conditioner!

Since cooling the air around me is pretty pointless if that air insists on moving (Discourteous element!  Back in your box!) That means affixing a refrigeration unit to my head.  While I have no qualms about looking ridiculous in the name of SCIENCE! (I was born looking ridiculous, might as well have a direction for it) I’m not interested in large heavy head gear snapping my neck.

And thus was born: (DumdumDUM!) Operation BrainFreeze!  No damnit, not a round of slurpees.  The plan is simple in its’ simplicity, elegant in its’ elegance and clever (it’s a rick, get an axe!) in its’ cleverness.

For those of you internet folk watching from home, I just used four apostrophes correctly in the same sentence. LEARN!

So, the beautiful woman way out of my league that consented to marry me and  give my children a chance by blending her awesome DNA with my recycled kitty-litter nucleotides has consented (in theory) to making a hood.  Not just any hood, oh no, this will be a hood so magnificent as to hold my attention for entire MINUTES.  To this hood I will tether loops/coils of silicon aquarium tubing carrying a refrigerant to be named later ( I voted for “Frank” but the gnomes insisted on something more traditional).  This refrigerant will be pumped via peristaltic  goodness around the exterior of my heat-vexed noggin, removing that most hideous of thought-destroying excess thermal energy through a heat exchange on the base of a Peltier module salvaged from a USB drink cooler!   The peristaltic pumps require motors, so: To PRINCESS AUTO!  Thar be gear motors in them thar bins!

With the brain sufficiently resistant to the abomination that is summer heat I will retain the illusion of my intelligence and continue on my glorious path of enlightenment, all the way up to Average!

By the Power of MySkull!  (I suspect it is white rather than grey, but will not likely ever know what with my brain and eyes living in it and all)

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Side tracked by…. THE FUTURE!

Good morning,  and BLEH!


FancyName is sitting untouched on my desk for the last few days, because I’ve been side-tracked building a Reprap Mendel frame.  I’ve had a 3D FDM Makerbot printer for a couple years, and it’s just plain *Insufficient*.  It’s like it was designed without ever even knowing there were such things as engineers.  So Icanhazbetterdamnit.


Also: too much overtime make mike Sleeeeeeepy.



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Wild and Wacky, Weird and Wonderful

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter W and the number phi.


I purchased a bunch of filament from a Canadian supplier (who obviously got it from the Mysterious Orient), and while it was sold as ABS, it isn’t like any ABS I’ve ever seen.  It melts too low, it smells different (less offensive, but makes me wonder what I can’t smell that might be in there), and it’s waaaay less flexible. That being said, it bridges like a dream and my extruder can run at least 10 degrees cooler, so it is in some ways a superior product.

It is however not what I was expecting.  While I cannot PROVE it isn’t ABS without a mass spectrometer, I am REALLY tempted to seek out Mr Mass Spec.  


We shall see.

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HeeHeeHeeHeeHeeHeeHeeHeeHee Wipeout

Not my greatest day.  2 hrs of sleep (oh, pneumonia, how I hate thee), a torqued back (stupid insufficient vertebrae!) and an exception I don’t understand kicking up suddenly in my SURF routine. Sometimes all you can do is sit back,  and cough as you swear in every language you speak as fast as your little face will let you.


I think I may need to try The Wizard Tim (ok, well, technically the Enchanter, but his Frenestradigitation and Sourcery are well beyond me)


I’m cutting my first stencil tomorrow for the carrier.  Hope it all fits!

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